Noval Industry s.r.o.
Nová 332/20
460 10 Liberec X - Františkov
Czech Republic
CRN: 22795138
Tax ID: CZ22795138

Scope of activities:

Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Technical building services (TBS)
Metal fabrication and locksmithing
Business activities

Rent of machines and tools - NEW !!! Trilifter TL100 - mobile lifting equipment

  1. Installation of machinery, equipment, technological lines and their transportation

NOVAL Industry s.r.o. specializes in mechanical assembly of individual components and their assembly into complete technological units of production lines.

We supply and install complete wiring, pipes for industrial gases, compressed air, process water line, etc. according to the project's requirements.

For perfect and most secure implementation of these contracts, the company has a professional team of skilled mechanics with years of experience in the field.

We make use of custom highly productive automated equipment, professional tools and equipment technology for handling loads over 50 tons.

This activity is carried out not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

In implementations of all contracts, we follow company‘s motto: SAFETY FIRST

  1. Installation of the first MEP - building

In this work, we focus primarily on the requirements of private investors in the construction of houses and apartment buildings.

Water - installation of water connections, internal and external drainage

Gas - installation of domestic gas connections, installation & repair of gas appliances, especially gas burning appliances with power up to 50kW, boilers with an output of over 50kW, under the authority of TIČR.

Heating - supply and installation of heating systems, low-temperature floor heating in combination with solar systems for hot water and heating, heat pumps, etc..

To make use of grant funds from programme NZU ME - New green savings NOVAL Industry s.r.o. is registered within specialized suppliers (SOD).

  1. Metalworking and locksmith‘s work

In this work, we  mainly supply steel platforms and security fences.

Design and manufacture of control and fastening tools (KUP).           

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